PRAGUE BMX CUP 2011 – 30.4.2011 and International race – 1.5.2011

Great opportunity for all riders to try our new track one week before 5th and 6th round of European BMX Championship in Prague. Don't miss this unique chance to get know the track, gate and enjoy some extra time in Prague.

Organizer: TJ Slovan Bohnice – club BMX and SCM

Location: track BMX, Lindavská Steet, Praha 8-Bohnice
GPS: 50°7'44.722"N, 14°25'57.036"E

Categories: B 6,7/8,9/10,11/12,13/14,15/16, M17/24,
M25/29, M30+, Cr-18, Cr19/29,Cr30/39, Cr40+
Elite Men, Elite Women, Junior Men, Junior Women

You can find more detailed information in the following document (Time schedule, prize money, registration fees etc.)

Please send your REGISTRATION BEFORE APRIL 16 to e-mail

The foreign countries will pay entries in Czech crone at registration control